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So, during the GOP debate the other night, I was distracting myself by doing something I’ve done almost every day since I moved to my new place about six weeks ago: brewing up a nice pitcher of iced tea. (I was dumping the ice into the pitcher during Ted Cruz’s introduction, so I couldn’t hear everything he was saying — although I did manage to catch the response he got from the audience after he was done.) I was also reading my teamaker’s instruction manual at the time, both for reference and in the desire to take in something a bit more substantial, when I happened to catch Mr. Coffee’s recommendation to clean out the sediment from the pitcher and the steeping basket with white vinegar after about every 40-80 brewing cycles. This discovery is saved for posterity (at least for the next few weeks anyway) because at the time I was also texting with a dear friend who turned out to know what was up:


Anyway, I finally got around to buying a quart of the stuff today, and it cost me all of a dollar! I’ve got a little less than an hour to put it to test with my teamaker before I have to leave for an engagement. But even if my friend was overselling it a bit, I have the feeling this’ll turn out to be a rather wise investment on my part. So, I wanna know: What makes YOU sing the praises of white vinegar (if indeed you’ve sung them). . . ?

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