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I just watched the film If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. It was a very charming film that, while not entirely devoid of cliches and eye-rolling moments, captured my heart like a movie stumbled on while watching TV should. I have only seen Suzanne Pleshette in one thing before, but I never knew how dynamic an actress she was until I saw her in this movie and immediately noticed her.I look forward to seeing her in a lot more things. Total glamor role-model.

The movie's plot if both simple and complex. You have a playboy tour-guide showing a gaggle of Americans various places in Europe, with a few wacky subplots and throwaway gags here and there. Through the movie, you get a good sense of their characters, and you kind of feel sad to see them depart or at least want to see what they get up to when they return home.The humor is both timeless ( One sadsack character taking the 60's equivalent of creepshots would thrive on reddit forums today)and dated (one of the characters gets stuck on a Japanese tour bus and returns to the group in yukata because...Japan, I guess?).


If you just like to see the historic context of Mad Men in action, you can literally play Spot The Groovy Cats scattered around the more traditionally-dressed background characters and balk at the contrast. There is even a performance from Donovan in what looks like a den of inactivity with hippies laying about while the blank-eyed guitarist plays an acoustic performance. The direction of the movie, by the way, tried so much to be New Wave that I felt bad for it. It makes up for it with great performances all-around and for having a cameo from a Pre-Hyacinth Patricia Routledge. Hell, I'd love it if it just ended there because Patricia Routledge is a national treasure.

I would not recommend too much attention paid to the movie's faults, because it's charm is still there despite a few bumps on the road. Like a playboy tour guide, you can't help but feel like Miss Pleshette's character and be swept away once you let your guard down. I'd have to see it again because I'm not quite sure if they got together in a typical Hollywood ending, but it's still a fun, wild, ride.

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