Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Greetings, GTers! I haven’t been around much in a while. Some is due to feeling asocial, some due to everyday chaos, and some to the fact that when you get involved with other humans, sometimes there are things you have to stop oversharing...


Anyhoo! This year has been a weird one for me. With the divorce still in process and having not been single for more than a year since I was 19, I’ve been subconsciously reliving my 20’s, as a friend astutely diagnosed. So far this year I’ve:

  • Gone to New Orleans
  • Finally got my tooth replaced
  • Gone on a ton of dates
  • Bought and consumed more weed than I ever have in my entire life
  • Slept with a couple new people
  • Been compensated in amphetamines for a favor
  • Been compensated in muscle relaxers for another favor
  • Been involved in my first real live drug deal with a real live dealer
  • Got two tattoos (never had tats before)

With just one month left in the year, what else should I do to round out the year? Nothing involving a passport, I don’t have one yet. Come on, GT, give me your best ideas!


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