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Wait... So the shutdown IS ending?


I know it's Vice... But they are claiming that the bill should pass in the house later... And the only concession that was given to the republicans is "will force those receiving health insurance subsidies to verify their incomes".


Yay? Can we celebrate yet?? Or just until they fuck with us again in a couple months?

From VICE:

To recap: some conservatives pursued a legislative strategy that failed and made their party incredibly unpopular, just like everyone fucking said it would.


That’s pretty stupid, but even worse is the fact that none of the architects of that strategy will suffer the consequences they should. The Tea Party representatives are from districts so conservative (thanks at least partly to gerrymandering), they have little to fear in the way of electoral challenges from Democrats or even moderate Republicans. Pundits who were in favor of the shutdown like Rush Limbaugh will make their money no matter what happens to the GOP. And Cruz? Predictably, he blamed the “Washington establishment” for “refusing to listen to the American people [who were overwhelming against the shutdown and who hate my guts like poison]” for the disintegration of the Tea Party position. His hometown newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, has turned on him in a major way, but he’ll still probably run for president, write a best-selling book that panders to his increasingly narrow base of support, and at worst wind up having his own conservative talk radio show after suffering a primary defeat. None of these people will ever admit for a second that they were wrong.

The shutdown is ending on a “to be continued” note. What the Senate bill mainly does is kick the can down the road and give Democrats and Republicans a chance to negotiate a series of larger tax and budget compromises. That’s something they’ve been terrible at doing in the past, but whatever, maybe they’ll work it out somehow. Meanwhile, they have other business to attend to, like the long-delayed renewal of the debate over immigration reform and the reauthorization of the farm bill, which is important to both cattle ranchers and poor people—problems that Congress could have been dealing with had they not had to spend weeks negotiating over whether the government should function normally.


In conclusion, let’s burn the Capitol Building down, scatter the ashes, and salt the earth so nothing can grow there.

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