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MSNBC has been breathlessly reporting that they think the Mueller report is dropping today. Jill Wine-Banks and others keep saying, “Yeah - I think we’re a ways out still” but still every host seems to be on tenterhooks. In a lovely nerdly mashup of theatre and politics, Ari Melber likened waiting for the Mueller report to Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” He then had an internal debate as to whether or not he should spoil the ending of the play. (spoilers: Godot never shows!). 😆

At any rate, I texted a friend of mine today that the only way I would be okay with the report dropping today is if it was accompanied by indictments for both Don Trumps, for Pence, and the entire GOP (at least the leadership_. Other indictments would be fine too (Kushner, Ivanka) - but those are critical to me.

What would you want to have happen today on the off-chance the report drops today?


As an aside, someone commented recently that the resistance seems to have disappeared. I feel similarly, and I wonder if it partially bc we are putting our hopes and faith in Nancy Pelosi and are in watchful anticipation for the Mueller report - and thus have taken a back seat. Maybe we all need this downtime? But I worry we won’t ever get back to resisting and fighting Trump.

Edited to add:  So the report is filed!  No indictments?  Boo!  Discuss your feelings and reactions here.

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