'Cause weird/batshit funny things come in threes.

It's been a laugh until I cry kind of day today. The rat husband tells me aftet I got up this morning that our landlord was by with the pool key. We've been trying to get the key from the owner since we moved in, and a bunch of stuff happened, and we have a gas bill we are paying her from a HUGE misunderstanding (that being that our place was heated with an electric water heater, not a gas one, and caused much confusion when 4 months in the gas was turned off for non payment. We were all, huh? What gas? We don't even HAVE GAS.) So after a while, we stopped our payments on the back gas bill, informing our landlord that we weren't going to pay until we were given the pool key. I guess it worked, since he showed up today, all smiles like usual, and handed the key to the husband. There was a lady behind him, but she said nothing, just stood there. After I was told this story, I fell over laughing. This has been going on for months and months, then suddenly POOL KEY.

Then the Rat Husband got a voicemail from the Unemployment Agency. He had lost his job, and had been trying to get unemployment for months. It's been awful. He's got another job now, though it's part time and we are still running rather tight, but at least it's SOMETHING. But the Unemployment Insurance was supposed to come and supposed to come. It took two months for them to even LOOK at his case, which is the state of things here in NC. We had to ask our parents for rent money for Christmas. When the Agency finally said "yep, you get some, we will mail it to you", we waited and waited, and it never came. He's been calling and emailing all week, after finding out that it was mailed to a weird amalgam of our old and new addresses. Or so we were told. FINALLY today he got an email telling him "oh so sorry here call these people." So he did. And they told him this. "You still have your card, right? The one from 2010 when you last applied? We put it on that. You've had the money since January 20th."


(at least we can pay our rent on time and pay the rest of the gas bill now that we can go to the pool and the exercise room.)


But seriously, what's the third thing? What is going to be the cherry on this surreal trifecta of a day?

*oh I hope it's that I'm pregnant. PLEASE?*