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Walk me through making a smoothing...Please! :Updated

I have Greek Gods Honey Yogurt; cherries, bananas, frozen blueberries,some 1/2&1/2. Some carrots since they are pretty sweet (I also have apple pectin/fibre).

Update - I am drinking a smoothie of blueberry, banana, Greek honey yogurt and a bit of orange juice - hella-good; a bit chunky since I only have a small pulser but I think I am hooked. Today is heading up towards high 80s (really hot for Seattle). The frozen blueberries are a good touch - I think they are going to be a mainstay. Next I will try the Rainier cherries.


Also, I found some black Hawaiian salt - that looks so weird but it works well - I also have some pink Himalayan salt - I used the 2 to make garlic salt, I think I might be overusing it.


I attempted to heat test the base to my microwave glass foundry but some of the materials could not handle the temperatures of a self-cleaning oven; the concrete disintegrated tho the clay held together okay but I just don't if this particular mix of materials will work, sigh.

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