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Welcome To The Bitchery

Walmart is the Devil

So for the first time ever I bought eyeglasses from Walmart. Beauty of living in the boonies this was pretty much the only option for me. Cost me about $340 out of pocket, I’m so glad I pay for eye insurance that nobody takes. Anyhoo went to pick them up and the frames are bent outward more trapezoid than rectangle. They clearly will not fit me (the ones I tried on did) so Walmart tech fixes them, now they’re so tight they give me a headache. I go home figure tighter is better than loose, a week later they’re falling off my face again. I tighten the screws but it is an extremely temporary fix. I deal for a month. But yesterday I’m cleaning a patient and the fuckers are like a centimeter from landing in shit. Last straw. I go back to Walmart different tech gives me some spiel about the heat melting the plastic so she “fixes” them. She bent the frames so they are more oval now, which makes them less hipster professional and more ugly (paid 340 I wanna be cute dammit) But the best part, ABSOFUCKLUTELY BEST PART bending the frames has changed my depth perception. Everything is 2 foot closer to me, my glasses falling in shit would’ve been better. Le sigh.

So anybody ever try buying glasses online?


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