Watch the Frontline piece called Being Mortal. PBS generally has thoughtful pieces on end-of life care/treatment etc and this is no exception. I wish they would run this stuff on cheery spring and summer days rather than during this dark dreariness when we're all curled up on couches with mountains of blankies and persistent colds (sniffle cough cough blergh). Then again I watched the Bill Moyers special on Death (it was a multi part series more than 10 years ago) during the summer and was equally gutted.

Atul Gawande annoys me for some reason, I think because he's presenting stuff as if it had never before been addressed. That said, if his discussion brings this stuff into mainstream conversations, good. It needs to be discussed.

Frontline has done other shows on this topic like Facing Death which are equally depressing/informative.

Somewhat unrelated - but given that JEB is running and what a shit he was about Terri Shiavo it makes sense to dust off your advanced directive/health proxies and make sure they are all up to date.