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So I whipped up a quiz for my weekly puzzle slot on Pmag, "Which Ladyblog Are You?" There are no negative results, b/c I'm midwestern and part Pollyanna. It's using a service called PlayBuzz, which is new, and I'm not entirely sure it doesn't have an ulterior motive, but it's the only way I can find to embed those mongopopular BF quizzes in WordPress without writing my own plugin. I think it works okay, but it took bloody forever to make, with all the (way basic) art.

Let me know if:

1. it's fun

2. it's funny (probably more important to me, personally)

C. it makes sense, and will make everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Tell me who you got, too!

If it all works, I'll run the final thing on Pmag Wednesday evening. Thank you for playing it, fellow GT night owls! You're the very bestests.


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