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Wanna Read About My Work Drama? Updated!

Last week, I wrote this post about my colleague, NP, who may or may not have been seriously ill but definitely wasn't getting anything done and alienating people along the way with general weirdness.

Today, I learned several updates:

- Management has no idea what is going on with NP. Is NP coming back? Is NP still on medical leave? NP's supervisor apparently has no idea! I don't understand why HR isn't on top of this with our insurance provider. This one isn't even NP's fault!


- Shortly after NP started, my office-mate (OM) (a discreet professional, which accounts for why I'm just now hearing about these things from her) mentioned to NP that she was going on a trip to ____ in a couple months. NP got all excited and asked OM to bring NP back an insulted coffee mug with the city name on it from the airport. Like, a specific brand insulated cup. Is NP collecting these from cities across the country? Does it count if you had someone bring it back for you? And, no, NP has no personal connection to the city in question. Considering they had just met a few days before, OM tried to beg off with a, "Gee, I wouldn't know where to find that..." NP then Googled it and found the company that makes them and showed OM what NP wanted. Which begs the question: Why didn't NP just buy his/her own damn insulated mug directly via the web site?! What is with all the "will you do this thing for me, person I barely know?!"

- OM also said NP could not focus on any one topic and couldn't handle some basic processes that someone in our field would routinely do in their sleep.

- According to OM, NP claimed to have won... drum roll please... The Biggest Loser. ... ... ... Uh huh. I'll wait for that to sink in. ... ... ... Yes, you read that correctly. Said it just like that, "I won The Biggest Loser." And because NP is so unfocused and scatterbrained, they were on to the next thing before OM could even get clarification. Another colleague laughed at this and said that NP just won a weight loss competition at NP's previous job.

I'm telling you, NP is a wackadoo. I think the medical stuff is getting milked for all it is worth because this is the wrong job for this person and they realize they've made a huge mistake.


What I don't get is how the fuck did this person get through the interview process and dazzle the hiring managers?!

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