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I had a moment when I felt truly beautiful the other night. Wanna hear? (Warning: gross story about mucus follows)

So, I’ve been sick with a killer case of bronchitis. In the last week, there has been so much mucus in my body... I just don’t even know where it comes from!


Well, the other night, I was laying on the couch when I coughed up A BUNCH of phlegm. Since I’ve been sick for some time, I had the tissues nearby. So, I rolled onto my stomach to grab them. Only, when I rolled onto my tummy, I farted. And that made me laugh, but since I had a mouth full of mucus, I snort laughed and a bunch of snot came out of my nose.

Still on my stomach, I cleaned up the snot and phlegm and just laid there, laughing and coughing and farting some more.

Homey, who’d been standing at the end of the couch, witnessed the whole thing. When I rolled back over, he looked at me, laughing and confused. Finally, between coughs and laughter, I managed to blurt, “I’ve never felt more beautiful than I do in this moment!”

Your turn, GT—tell us embarrassing stories that make you laugh!

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