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WANT, but can't have :(

Sorry for all the posts this week, it's been a rough week and well thanks for putting up with my nonsense. I think i'm on the rebound cuz i'm surfing petfinder. I can't have a pet cuz insane pet deposit and our rent goes up too. But I still cruise petfinder... sigh.

Anyways on my most recent foray I noticed this picture and I can't help but think Sonny (that's his name) is quite a catch. I mean look at him!! Not only is he an orange fluffball, but he can poop butterflies!! Can your pet do that?!? Who wouldn't want this guy??


Although Zunie here and his friend are pretty freakin adorable too...

So... what inane things are you looking at today. Or share things you want but can't have ;)

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