ETA- Baby is here! Everyone is healthy and happy and perfect! I may be biased. Will not post pics because doxxy to my cousin. Plus she just birthed a hoooman, she don't need her pic on the internet. Wooo wooo!

With the crap show that is 2016, how bout some good news? My cousin is in labor RIGHT NOW about to have her first bebeh. This is the youngest daughter of my dad’s brother, and my dad is beside himself excited. Cousin is in Washington state, so we are getting text alerts from her sister (who is Florida, naturally). My dad does not text. So he found out via phone call from HIS cousin (who probably got a text from the same cousin I did). So my dad called me to tell me. Which of course I already knew, because older sister texted me 5 minutes ago. Oh, Dad. Never change! PS- There are a lot of cousins in this story. Because my grandparents on both sides had like 5-6 siblings each. Deal with it.