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Of course you do, everyone does. Or maybe you don't (which I can't believe) but you are sick of a lot of the depictions of women in video games. My friend needs your help.

One of my best friends is a writer at a video game company and is trying to create a kick ass female character for a new medieval fantasy project she is working on. She was trying to find reference images of female knights to get her creative juices flowing but is having a hell of a time finding any that aren't "disgustingly fetishized." She asked me to come to you, the Groupthink community, for aid.


This puts me in a strange position, given my outspoken support for ornamental boob armor, but that's why I need your help. This character will be a straight up warrior so she needs practical gear. Any images of this warrior would be very helpful for my friend. Bonus points if you can find actual historical suits of armor worn by women (eastern and western style armors are both appreciated). If you find the image that sets off her imagination, she will name the character after you.*

An example of what she is not looking for is this.


The armor, while looking cool where it exists, would not offer protection to someone that would actually be in a fight (also look at those heels. This knight cannot walk up hills). I do appreciate the token bit of armor on her groin in case an arrow is shot directly into her vagina. There are a lot of bad examples here.

Anyway, we are both counting on you, Groupthink.

*I made this up, she probably won't name anything after you.

ETA: Maxatax is my real life video game designer friend so if you have any questions about what she's looking for you can direct them to her.

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