I have a... thing, for lack of a better word, where I mess up what I want to say fairly frequently. Like, I'll yell over to someone "Can you get me the fridge?" instead of "Can you get me my container from the fridge", or I might say "I put the paper in your driveway" instead of "I put the paper on your desk". Even if I think about what I want to say, if I'm tired or rushed the wrong words just come out.

So anyway, I just had a meeting at work, and in it, in front of a dozen coworkers and managers, I said to the CFO "I know you're insane, but do you think I can get an answer by 5?". I meant to say 'insanely busy'. I didn't even notice it until I registered the dead silence after I spoke, followed by hysterical laughter from everyone in the room.

It's been 20 minutes, and my face is still burning.