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Want to make-up with my boyfriend

Don't know how. Please help. We haven't spoken for a week. It's bad. Like, all the Christmas presents are unwrapped still because of this. We live together.

Here's the backstory: http://groupthink.jezebel.com/i-want-to-tell…

I miss him. I want to make up even though he should be doing it because he fucked up like this (not for the first time).


But he's no good at it. He's a really, exceptionally good person. It may not seem that way from what I've said here, but he is.

The problem is, I think, he thinks I'm mad at him. But when I get really sad I shut down because that's how I cope.

So right now I'm sitting in my car and smoking and not knowing how to fix this.

Advice, maybe? Please? Should I just go inside and hug him and cry or something? I suck at this.

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