I don't work out at a gym anymore, am not a fan of running/jogging, but I do have a yoga mat, stability ball, 5lb dumbbells, and I guess a long stretchy band thing, somewhere.

So, yesterday I did this stability ball workout which was definitely on the challenging end of the scale for sure. Bonus points: My dogs thought we were playing, and that I was sweating just so they could sneak in and try to lick my face. (Hint, this was not actually a bonus!)

So today I'm thinking my sore, sore core and legs need a different jam.

Maybe belly-dancing? I think belly-dancing! Does anyone have any suggestions, belly or otherwise?

Key needs:

  • Little to no equipment
  • Fuck aerobic/HIIT style cardio
  • Strength-focused is best for me (see bullet point #2 - I resist it after my trainer from a few years ago just refused to accept that 40-somethings maybe are kind of protective of their joints and shit)