Way back when, someone asked if some GT posts came across as performative, and "trying too hard" is a comment I saw a lot on one of the drama llama comment threads. Now I know that plenty of GTers are super psyched when stuff gets mainpaged, but I just don't see the "sigh, *eye roll* type attitude on the other forums I'm bouncing around on, so I'm wondering what that's about.

Hackerspace dangles getting mainpaged as a carrot to recruit authors. Tay's owner wrote a guide to getting mainpaged. And it's just never really come up on crosstalk and whitenoise, except in a hey, wouldn't that be cool sorta way. (Granted, stuff very rarely gets shared from either to the frontpage.) I don't know o-deck, oppo, or sidespin (which granted, will likely never get mainpaged 'cause their relationship with Deadspin is apparently awful) well enough to get their read on it.

/sigh, thoughts? My crack hypothesis is that because GT is so community oriented, it can read as wanting to take from the community without giving back.


ETA: So my question isn't why do GTers not wanna get mainpaged? I totally get that the topics of a lot of the posts mean that mainpaging is opening an author up to all sorts of possible pain. I'm asking about the negative attitude I sometimes see towards posts that are written in the sort of style where it seems like the author may want them to be mainpaged.