I read this novel circa 5 years ago. It totally scared me. Its about a series of dirty bomb attacks in US, Israel and Europe and our reaction. The novel starts after the attack. The religious right took over under the guise of launching a new crusade to eradicate Muslims.

The novel shows the corruption of religion in the military and how fragile democracy is. How quick we are to give up democracy just to feel “safe” and how religion corrupts government under the guise of safety and revenge.

I read this article and coupled with who Pence is it reminded me of this novel. Scary part is we are reacting this way on a “it may happen” not it “happened”. Except for 9/11 there have only been lone wolf attacks in US.

The novel is by Ralph Peters. I found out after he is a republican it is still a good warning type novel.


Anyone read this? Or familiar with him?