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War of the fleas, day two

Thank you so much for your advice last night, GT! I combed both kitties tonight, and found far fewer fleas, but a ton of that flea dust shit. Does that mean the topical stuff is working? There was no flea dust when I combed them yesterday. Is that a good thing?
Both cats seem to be doing okay. They are much more loving than normal today, and both purred during the flea comb process, which is a 180 from yesterday when they were traumatized by the bath.

When will I know if this is over? I'm going out of town on Friday morning and not returning until late Sunday night. I'm worried it's going to get worse if I don't vacuum and comb them daily. Should I try to give them a bath with Dawn before I leave? Is there anything else you'd recommend?

Here's what I did yesterday: http://groupthink.jezebel.com/fleas-help-me-…


Here's a picture of two very upset and soaking wet cats from yesterday:

And two much happier, cuddlier kitties today (the one in the background is Nemesis and she NEVER cuddles with me when Nyx is nearby):


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