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  1. I keep hearing this is unconstitutional, but our past two presidents have taken military action without a formal war declaration without Congressional approval. a) Was the strike in Syria actually constitutional or not? Or is not “declaring” war some sort of idiot loophole? b) If it wasn’t, um, then...what?
  2. So now what with Russia? Trump, who obviously colluded with them in minor or major ways during the election, is now, um, kind of at war with Russia. Do we know the implications here?
  3. It seems like the UN should have a huge problem with this. Right? If they do...then what?!

I want to be clear about something - I am not some sort of expert in foreign relations (see questions above, haha) and I don’t necessarily know that going after the Assad regime was the wrong course of action. I just don’t trust the man whose finger is on the trigger.

I am disgusted that Trump launched a strike like this and then is at Mar-a-Lago (presumably) playing golf right now.

I will also be disgusted if Congress takes their recess.

Side note, I have whiplash from the Trump administration “de-prioritizing Assad” like what, a week ago, to this.


ETA: 4. If this was unconstitutional, shouldn’t the military have not followed the orders? I know Trump is the Commander In Chief but...the Constitution tho....

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