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Warm and Fuzzies!

My friend just linked to this article on Facebook and I love it! A fashion photographer photographs people with disabilities in a way to emphasize their humanity and show them as beautiful. From the article:

Interviewed for NBC's Rock Center, photographer Rick Guidotti said: "It's not about saying, "Compare Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford to this girl. It's about— it's about reinterpreting beauty. It's about having an opportunity to see beyond what you're told and what we're forced to believe that that's beauty."


And this:

...fifteen years ago, when he considered photographing a woman with a disability, he was shocked at images in medical textbooks he consulted. Where, he asked, is the humanity?

Illustration for article titled Warm and Fuzzies!

Here is a link to his online gallery, and you can donate if you want!

Edit: SelkieSeashell points out:

Side note: While I think that the gallery itself isn't patronizing, labelling this post "Warm and Fuzzies," like we're looking at a cute cat video or something, does seem patronizing to me.


I want to apologize to anyone who was offended by that. I meant it made me feel happy, but I definitely don't want to be patronizing, myself. So, a million sorries.

Not going to change it just so this makes sense to everyone.

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