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Warm Fuzzy Post-Boston Bombing Hug-o-rama

Well, this is a big sparkly rainbow of love!

Luckily, in order to help ensure that the [Boston Marathon bombing] survivors can afford their treatment, insurance companies and hospital administrators have announced they will help out by waiving most of the medical costs for them.


Don't get me wrong, that's awesome. But how about everyone else fighting their insurance companies? I can't help but think they've latched onto this attack for publicity purposes. My mother had to fight to get lifesaving radiation when she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma - because it was from sun exposure, the insurance company was refusing to cover her. If my family didn't have the resources, and if her medical condition didn't afford her the time, we couldn't have fought for that.

And now, the bombing victims with particularly serious injuries may also get some relief for their artificial prosthetics — which aren’t necessarily completely covered by insurance. The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association, a trade group that represents companies that make artificial limbs, has promised to provide some prosthetics free of cost to the people who underwent amputations after the bombings...

Again, awesome. BUT everyone deserves this. Universal healthcare plz.

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