As I’ve mentioned, I live overseas, which can be a really isolating affair. So I pretty much jump at any socializing opportunities. We were invited to the marine ball at the consulate, which is a formal affair.

Now I don’t have any formal clothes at all here. And at a good foot taller and significantly more zaftig than the local women, I have a difficult time finding clothes. Especially Western formal wear. So I was beyond thrilled to find not one, but two ridiculously sparkly dresses at the local bazaar. Not exactly in style but I could rock the Jackie Collins retro look. Because they’re from the bazaar and lice is a huge issue here, I had them bagged up to go to the dry cleaners tomorrow.

I just went to check on the dresses to discover my housecleaner threw them away. Like, gone. And not even in the downstairs trash.

I’m aware that this is total first world shit, but I go out of town tomorrow and the ball is right when I return. I have neither money or time to replace them and I have to tell my friend, whose dress was with me, hers is gone too.

I’m just really sad and upset. My socializing time is so scarce and preciously I don’t want to lose out on if. Especially for such a ridiculous reason.

Ugh, you guys. Just ugh.