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Warning these TPS Rollbacks Is Just The Start To Abolish 14th Amendment

El Salvadorans who are here under the TPS is believed to have 192k children who are US citizens. Given human nature by 2019 that should easily top 200k.

I now cannot find it but when asked by the children who are US citizens the head of Homeland Security K. Nielse said it was for the parents to decide.

It struck me as a curious comment. Why? There are travel warnings about El Salvador yet she has let’s face it a “I don’t give a shit about these children even if they are “US citizens””. So she either does not know her department issued these travel warnings or she does not really consider these children US citizens


I think about what Trump said on the campaign trail that he did not believe the 14th Amendment applied to children of undocumented parents, he could easily also believe the same applies to these children.

His base wants to send these children back even if they are killed.

There is an article about these 192k by Bishop Seitz about these 192k future and if any parents brought them to El Salvador. The comments are vomit worthy by some but reinforces the idea how vulnerable the 14th Amendment is. How not just cruel but hellbent on having it repealed some even arguing like Trump they are not Americans. Those are the 35 percent that support him.

Jeff Flake is trying to pair TPS with ending the lottery system. Essentially do something for the TPS in return for giving up the lottery system.


Does Trump realize by givng up the Hispanic vote it is a higher certainty the Southwest and Florida will be solid Blue states. Even W knew alienating Hispanic voters was dooming the party in the early 00s.

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