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Warning: this post will be drunkenly written

So... Canadian bachelor. Seems like a full-of-himself... douche? is he? too early to tell? He seems pretty full of himself anyway. I like some of the women though. Why wasn't there a Canadian Bachelorette? Or did I miss it?

And - my new dog Em Dash (Emmy) is the sweetest thing. I love her to bits, but at the same time I'm glad to have a night off while she's out at the lake with my parents. She sleeps with me, so it'll be nice not to have someone tossing and turning in bed for one night. Or maybe I'll be lonely.

AND - I did order the iPhone 6 plus that I wanted. Should be here before November, and I'm excited. I can wait until then.


But - I want to spend more money. This "having a job" thing is going right to my head.

NEXT WEEKEND: Mads Mikkelsen.

ETA: Why are all the 'bad' messages I receive on OkCupid boring rather than funny and/or exasperatingly offensive?

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