You might think that a fairly straightforward term, no?

Nope. Not here. Be warned. "Come out for brunch" as imagined by NYC Groupthinkers may very well consist of the following:

  • a 10-hour marathon pub-crawl that entails you getting home at 1 am and worrying your significant other
  • an esteemed internet personality bestowing upon you the fabled Pretzels of Redemption
  • several gallons of beer, wine, mojitos, sangria and margaritas
  • terrified phone calls to large banks
  • visits from internet celebrities
  • hiccups that won't stop
  • eggs benedict, salmon crepes, fried calamari, duck sausage, guacamole & chips, fritters, enchiladas
  • speculation about internet dramz
  • switching from Spanish breakfasts to Irish lunches to Mexican dinners
  • smoking

Don't say you weren't warned, Groupthink.