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Warren Hill has been Granted a Temporary Stay of Execution

A judge in Georgia has granted a temporary stay of execution in the case of Warren Hill, an intellectually disabled black man who was scheduled to be executed today. The temporary stay will allow his legal team to present their argument that there is an unacceptable risk that the execution will violate Hill's eight amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.

Georgia executes by legal injection, but one of the drugs used in this process is no longer available from the manufacturer. To get around this problem, Georgia is having the drug made in a compounding facility at an undisclosed location. Georgia also recently passed legislation making drugs used in lethal injections "State Secrets" so there is no way to confirm that the drug is being made properly. While this might seem a given, before this, Georgia bought the drug illegally from a rather questionable source, and used it in two botched executions before the Drug Enforcement Agency seized it.



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