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Just as a rule: please do not bring 2 month old babies and small, unpredictable children to sets where there is fire, heavy objects falling several feet and banging on the ground, heavy objects rolling into the crowd of people behind camera, loud and bright fireworks and smoke effects.

Oh and did I mention, all of this was INDOORS in a rather small space?

I was getting a headache from the smoke. I cannot imagine what that baby was going through. Or wait, actually I can. Because he was screaming bloody murder and had to be taken outside.


Don't bitch about the noise. Don't whine about your kids eardrums. They shouldn't be here in the first place. Take them outside if they can't handle the noise. Your partner should have told you to bring ear protection for your kids since they've been working in this loud environment for the last week. It's not my responsibility to figure out ear protection for YOUR KID who you didn't tell us was coming here.

Also, don't get offended if we have to figure out a space for you to breastfeed and it doesn't take 10 seconds. You don't work here. This is a set in the middle of nowhere. You didn't tell us you were coming. Had you told us you were coming, we could have made accommodations ahead of time. Don't get peeved that the space provided isn't 100% to your liking. We're making do. You, and your baby, were an unforeseen circumstance. If you want to breastfeed in the lap of luxury, GO HOME. It's RUDE to show up to someone's work environment uninvited and then start making demands.

If you are going to invite your family to set, SAY SOMETHING. Don't just have them show up and expect people to make room/accommodations. We had about 10 unaccounted for families staying for lunch. The caterer is a food truck. They only have so much food and so many tables/chairs/tents. We had to pull stuff off of our trucks to seat all the extra people and that still wasn't enough. The caterer had to stretch portions because they didn't have enough food.

People are just so fucking inconsiderate. And before people start making excuses for these assholes, it was a Saturday and all the kids came with the other parent i.e. there was no baby sitter involved. The parents did NOT have to come with their kids to a dangerous set and then start making demands to accommodate the children no one told us were coming. They gave us no warning. They could have told us Friday that they were intending to come to set. Then they could have gotten permission, the caterer would have had an accurate count, we could have set up a room for the kids, we could have set up a more private space for the mom who needed to breastfeed. But no one said anything. They just showed up.


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