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Welcome To The Bitchery

Was my comment deleted?

I made a comment on a main page article. Maybe it was a bit trolly about how sometimes the titles of the articles are misleading and make you think the article should be about something when it's about something else entirely. But seriously, it bugs me.

Anyways, the author responded to my comment about how it was a regular column and that's how the column normally worked. 1) I'd argue that it's not a regular column since the last time a post was tagged that was a year ago, then a year before that, then a couple months before that, then a year before that by a different author and every week prior. So I'd argue that it USED to be a regular column. But I digress. 2) I went to go back and look through all of the comments, even the grey ones where I had previously been relegated anyways and my comment totally wasn't there.


Could I have been thrown out simply for criticizing the author? If so, that's a little crazy. I wasn't making a personal attack, nor was I saying anything anti-feminist. I'm hoping it's just a kinja thing that I can't see the comment when I scroll back through, but I'm kinda thinking it might not be...

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