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There is a rather amusing conversation going on over at Millihelen about white people not using washcloths or showering every day. The person was referencing a Dave Chappelle sketch where he trades spouses with a white family and learns that white people don’t use washcloths.

Hilariously, quite a few people are confirming this by saying washcloths are gross. As a black person who uses a washcloth from time to time (mostly I use my exfoliating mitt), I am quite bewildered as to why a washcloth would be gross.


Some are saying that they get mildewy or germy because they don’t dry fast enough but I’ve literally, in 29 years, never had a mildewed or smelly or gross washcloth. And I really only launder them once a month. Maybe.

So I guess my question is: what the hell are people doing with their washcloths that makes them so gross?

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