This is the most #firstworldproblem, but I have too much time off for Christmas (Dec 24th - Jan 2nd). I usually go somewhere warm, but didn't plan a trip this year because my boss decided this schedule pretty late and my boyfriend has to work.

So I was thinking of taking a trip down to DC from New York on the 30th to go to the Hirshhorn and National Gallery. My best friend will be home in NoVA for the holidays. She said she would hang out with me and I can crash at her place Monday night and leave Tuesday.

Do y'all think this is worth doing? What other fun things are there to do in DC? I've visited a few times as a kid, but never as an adult. I was also thinking we could do like a fancy lunch somewhere?

ETA: THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your suggestions! I tried to reply to all the comments, but if I missed yours thank you anyway! I definitely am going to do this trip!