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I am coming to your city on Sunday for a work trip Monday through Wednesday. I have never been to DC before. Anyone interested in grabbing drinks or an impromptu meet-up on Monday or Tuesday night? Also, I need recommendations for places to eat! I am staying near Dupont Circle. Why are there so many traffic circles in DC? Is it like, weird political symbolism? Illuminati conspiracy or something?

Here are things you might want to know about me to decide whether or not you want to hang out with an internet stranger.


- I have a professional job that sometimes makes me want to stab my eyes out
- I am quick to laugh and generally a decent conversationalist(ish? I guess?)
- I am closer to 30 than 20
- I am not single but I like new friends
- I like to travel, cook, eat, drink, dance and sing
- I am not a serial killer*. Actually, I'm mostly a pacifist, so I'm not even violent
- I studied criminology and women studies in my undergrad
- I have decided the safest topic of conversation with colleagues is Miles, but I am not a crazy dog person (I swear). Say hi Miles!

Anyway, just figured it didn't hurt to throw it out there! Hang out with me GTers, I can't spend all my evenings holed-up in my hotel room.

*I bet that's what all the serial killers say. I'm still not a serial killer.

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