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Wasting my weekend away because Boyname can't say no.

Update: it is 3:10 and he finally left. I texted him "just leave" 10 minutes ago. I'm going to try really hard not to be angry but my eyes are puffy so it will be a dead giveaway.

It is a beautiful weekend. Boyname and I were supposed to go to a place I love and really want to share with him to go camping, fishing, and hiking. He was asked Thursday if he could work Saturday (it is a 9-5 type job but put in 67 and 51 hours the last 2 weeks, he got home at 10:45 last night, the previous friday it was 11:30). He said yes, but only until noon because he had plans. It is 2 and he just texted me "30 more min". I am pissed. It is not like they can afford to fire him and it is a temp position anyway.

I was like, ok, I'll do some baking, laundry, errands, pack, etc in the morning, we'll leave around 12:30. I got through all that stuff and now I am just killing time and crying. I am really upset. I have wasted so many beautiful weekends this summer on family obligations, waiting for him to be ready, not having people to go backpacking with, etc. And it gets me in a hate spiral. We can still go but we were going to be there around 2:30, now it will be 6:00 and starting to cool down too much for swimming and by the time we set up camp no time for hiking (or hiking then finding camp). Hell, hopefully we can just go fishing.


Anyway, I should go to the store and get the groceries. We were going to go on the way out of town so we could discuss meal plan in the car.

I hate this spiral :( and am trying to get myself going. I should have gone hiking this morning.

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