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Watch Paloma Faith Get Slaughtered Where Russell Brand Was Lauded

I do like Russell Brand's message, and the Trews is actually pretty great, but I'm masochistically enjoying all of the people going, "Who the fuck cares what some pop star thinks about politics?" because it's a woman, whereas everyone tripped over their dicks to laud the rambly musings of an attractive, white, rich celebrity became a political messiah for yelling at Jeremy Paxman for 20 minutes a couple of years ago. At least they're both from the working class, I suppose.

It's not Brand's fault that people want to support white men where they won't support white women, and male and female POCs, but the fact that Faith actually makes some thoughtful and articulate counter-arguments to Brand's revolution, and gets trashed for it, is still horribly depressing.


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