Fingers crossed for Wendy Davis' filibuster, because if the legislation passes, it will close down most clinics that provide abortions in Texas.

CBS reports that Senator Wendy Davis began the filibuster at 11:18 this morning, and in order for her to be successful,

...she must keep speaking on the bill until midnight — the deadline for the end of the 30-day special session.

Before Davis began speaking, her chair was removed. reports that Davis must speak continuously — and stay on topic — the entire time. She is not allowed to lean against something for support. And she will not be able to stop or take a break, not even for meals or the restroom, during the entire 13-hour ordeal.


For more about rules for a filibuster in Texas, RaleighRider has found a good explanation here.

It is possible that staffers will be able to provide Senator Davis with more stories and letters, so if you have anything to say about abortion that you would like for her to read, please share it, or just send her your support.


I'm not always (or even often) proud to be a Texan, but I am so grateful to have Davis compassionate representing me in the Texas Senate right now.