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Watch this lil’ vlogger admit she’s a psychopath … and see me rant about it. TW: Animal abuse and welfare

I’m here with more youtuber nonsense. I don’t even watch this girl and never heard of her before today. But I think this is a unique video in that…this person just openly admits to being a psychopath.

4:50 “I don’t care diddly squat about animals. You’ve probably never heard that before from a blond white girl”


She keeps going…

“I don’t like dogs. I don’t like cats. I don’t like rodents. I don’t like animals – jungle animals, farm animals.”


5:00 “Even growing up with pets… I would always bug my dad about this cause he would always say he never loved any of his petsbut looking back, I didn’t love any of my pets.

Multiple red flags.

You may think how does this get worse? Oh…you.

5:20 “Or like my family pets. Like the dogs… fish that I accidentally dropped down the garbage disposal” She laughed at that.

5:45 “Some people say ‘Oh Sarah you gotta be there to witness it. Have you ever actually seen a cow die or a chicken die?’ I’ve seen cows being put down …and chickens …and pigs. I’m being very cautious about how I say this, but I never had a bone in my body that felt bad.”

Fucking yikes. And I’m not even a vegan or vegetarian.

7:16 “Animals don’t have souls.”

Personally, I don’t think anyone has a soul. I think that’s a myth made up to make us feel better about our own mortality. And to give us a false sense of superiority over animals that she …exhibits perfectly.


From here on – I’m paraphrasing her.

“I’ll eat meat if someone serves it cause I don’t wanna be rude”


“Idc about animals because they don’t have souls. Cause Christianity told me so.”


So clearly the learned behavior of a psychopath! Said with complete dispassion! Her dad was like that. She learned, based on religion, that animals don’t have souls and therefore she can’t technically love them. I think people capable of empathy would call bullshit there. But she didn’t. Imo, cause she was born without the ability to feel it. Which is a trait she clearly inherited. Literal psychopath.

Oh and she doesn’t care about animals getting tortured, but she cares about fetuses (“unborn babies”). Another learned behavior courtesy of religion.


Also this fucker has kids…she’s passed that shit on.

This legitimately unnerves me. I think one of the things that demonstrates a species progression is the ability to feel empathy for those who are very different. Randomly you’ll see a dog or lion take care of an animal that should be its prey. And some people say it’s proof that animals are capable of empathy, and others say the only reason it’s not eating that animal is because it’s not hungry yet or all its needs are being met. I think it’s both. I think in any creature you can have these windows where we become something better than we generally are. When that behavior becomes the norm for all in the species, then they’ve fully progressed.


And then I see someone like this. Pretty based on typical standards, obviously came from a well-off family (multiple pets means usually means a family has disposable income). Very religious. You just know these people consider themselves better than others. And then to see one of them say stuff like this? It’s like they’ve bred all the potentially good parts of humanity out. It freaks me out because you know this is the perfect alt-right family. This lady is a white supremacist’s dream.

I understand if I’ve lost you now. How did I go from animal welfare to racism? I think it’s all connected. If you can convince someone that animals are lower. And I mean in this drastic manner – where she’s talking about being unable to love her own pets, or thinking they don’t have souls, and not caring when they die violent deaths (her fish...). If you can make a person think that, you can convince them that certain groups of people are inferior as well. Because the impulse to categorize or put one group above another is seeded. In my mind it’s sort of a “the damage is already done” thing.


I link the video below with a donotlink added, but it’s looking like YouTube wipes it. So turn on your adblock before clicking it, if you click it. I’m putting the link mainly so you can go give it another downvote that it deserves.


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