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Welcome To The Bitchery

Watched The Professional for the first time

AND IT LEFT SUCH A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH. I can’t tell if i’m being unreasonable for being so colossally squicked out, but...you guys...I could not buy the relationship between the grown ass man and Natalie Portman as innocent or completely platonic. She was an undoubtedly beautiful young girl, but I feel like everything from the way the camera filmed her to wardrobe was CREEPY. WTF was up with that Marilyn Monroe dress up scene? Why did Leon do a spit-take at that part? :/

I cant tell if I’m overreacting. Gary Oldman was the only thing I liked about it.
ETA: In the script, there was a scene written in which OBVIOUSLY didn’t make it in to the movie. She seduces him and they “tenderly” make love. WTFFFF


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