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I never saw original 1980 film nor do I desire too. Melissa Joan Hart was directing this. Jan just turned 16 is an American teen who does not want to be in Wales but she solves mainly a curse that dates back to 1338. Her Welch boyfriend helped but she set up the final puzzle piece.

Illustration for article titled Watcher In The Woods Dontcha Worry Wales Just Beam Over An American Teen To Solve 800 Year Old Curses

I like Angelica Huston but seriously was she wasted in this movie. She also overemoted a few times.

Some scenes were weird. Aywood had one child so why was there a bedroom with two single beds?

When youngest daughter saw Jan, Welsh bf and three adults go into the woods and told her parents two minuttes in why did the parents hop in car, drive back home and not turn around and run after her?

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