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Watching 13 Going On 30

Because it happens to be on and I can't find the remote. Also it's a small dirty pleasure of mine. Sorry not sorry.

But questions, I haz them.

How come Matt has to get hot? Why can't he stay chubby and dorky? Not that I don't love me some Mark Ruffalo, but would Jenna still have a lady boner for him if at 30 he was still hefty and not a thin, attractive, starving artist?


Is Jenna still a career woman at the end when her and Matt get married? Or are the only two options career woman or married woman with no overlap?

Why do all the career women suck? Jenna, in her first draft of life, is a shitty person. Her biffle is a shitty person. All the career women are shitty people, but the career men aren't shitty people. How come Jenna can only be likable when she's not a journalist?

Why is Jenna's hockey player boyfriend stripping to Ice Ice Baby?

How can I live such a fabulous life as a journalist?

Why is she so confused about what sex is? 13 seems old enough to at least understand how penises work. Or was I just a degenerate even at that age?


That's all for now as I'm about halfway through the movie. Feel free to add more questions.

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