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Watching Classic Doctor Who

Holy sheeeeeeeeit. For the people who don't like the lady companions now, you won't like Barbara and Susan. They are actually quite smart but boy oh boy do they end up undermining their smarts with lots and lots of hands-on-face close-ups of hysterical screaming and/or crying. Get your shit together, ladies.*

Especially you, Susan. You are the granddaughter of a goddamn Time Lord.


Before anyone gets all "That's a specific acting/filming thing that they did in older movies/tv shows", yes I'm aware. I've watched a lot of older movies/films and the close up hands-on-face screaming/wailing/crying was an oddly popular acting choice until about the 70s. Along with the kissing that was basically just mooshing closed mouths together for awhile. Those "kisses" looked painful.

I should get drunk and live blog these episodes. They are camp as hell and I love it so much. Also love that the Daleks have basically not changed in 50 years. Keep doing you, Daleks. Never change.

ETA: Hartnell's Doctor is kind of a dick. He just asked Susan if she had a "simple mind".


ETA2: Ian reminds me of Ten when he's a human named John Smith in that episode with The Family of Blood. He's very stuffy and bossy.

*ETA3: No, I'm not being 100% serious. Just in case that wasn't clear.

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