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Welcome To The Bitchery

Frankie Valli amd Bob Gaudio (he wrote the Four Seasons music and an original member). Both men are still business partners coowning The Four Seasons business.

I then thought the two men from Abba are also still partners in business and music. Chicago is pretty much still together and many other business partners.

Yet except for Bob Gaudio who as far as I can tell married one time and stayed married the rest have all gotten married numerious time.


Its sad in a way that marriage partnerships come and go while business partners stay together.

I can’t help but recall the song by Captain and Tenille that “Love Will Keep You Together”. Sadly they too have seperated although I read its to get better health csre for the Captain. Tragic anyone has to seperate just for better health care.

Anyone know why this seems true about business and marriage.

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