I shouldn’t be annoyed because it isn’t really my problem, but I’m annoyed. Mr GV needs to get a new ID so he can take the GRE in a couple weeks (his expired two years ago, I think). Last week he decided today was the day he was going to take care of it. He has a sleep disorder that makes it extremely difficult for him to wake up at what many of the rest of us would consider a “reasonable” time, so I figured this would be difficult for him.

It’s just after 1:00pm and he just got out of bed. It’s going to take him a while to surface, he still needs to shower, and he needs time to ride his bike a couple miles. He’ll be lucky to get out there by 3:30pm (though he could surprise me).

It’s the DMV. On a Friday. If he doesn’t get the ID, he’ll be pissy about it and then have to miss a day of school to get it done and I’ll have to listen to him bitch.

I’m not going to say a word about it to him, particularly as he’s slowly getting over a cold.

I’m just annoyed.