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Watching Snow White & The Huntsman....

...and wondering how amazing it would have been if they'd cast ANYone different as Snow White. Ignoring the fact that Charlize Theron is stunning and there's no way Kristen Stewart could ever be deemed more beautiful (the basic premise of the story), it's a beautiful film all around, with strong performances from most. I love the actors, the costumes, the mood, the color palette, all of that. But KStew is a black hole of emotion. Her face is a china mask, absorbing things (we think) but reflecting nothing.

Who could have done a better job? Anybody, sure. What if they'd expanded on the "snow white" concept, and had it not apply so literally to her appearance? What if they'd cast someone less...caucasian? You know, changed their definition of beauty a bit. Since Ms. Theron is the definition of caucasian beauty (tall, thin, blonde, blue-eyed, sharp featured, white), why not challenge her with someone more...cross-cultural? I feel like the producers thought KStew was a name that would get butts in the seats, since she had her franchise, and ignored her "skillset." That makes me sad. If it had been Charlize vs. a different kind of gorgeous, I think that would have been really interesting, and definitely believable.

Maybe it would have made the ending better, too.

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