And they tend to all have similar comments.

1) Maria is very pretty

2) Ms. Robot, is that you? (in reference to Julie Andrews. I may love that child FOREVER)

3) The nuns are mean. They are casting serious shade. You shouldn't ever call someone a demon.


4) Why does she keep tripping?

5) Wow...... That house is awesome..... I want to live there.....

6) If someone tried to whistle for me, I would punch them.

7) Those kids are BAD. But her dress IS ugly.

8) He's a Nazi. She shouldn't be messing with him.

9) Are they going to kiss?

10) Ohhhhh....... (they ALL sigh with delight when Rolf spins Liesl off the bench of the gazebo)


11) EW! They kissed!

12) Ms. Robot, would YOU kiss a boy like that? (My response: Not a 17-year-old boy)


That's about as far as we've gotten. But I think their responses are priceless. I am especially enjoying how much they all love the dancing.


Addendum: I remember thinking Rolf was an ass, but I had never really noticed just how much Liesl is playing Rolf. She is hardly as unworldly as he thinks, and she knows it. I think she may have read Whiskey's book on Fascinating Womanhood.