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Watching the democratic debate

Bernie Sanders: Jibber jabber, jibber jabber


Hillary: Here’s how I will lay hands, pretty specifically. Yes, I’m beholden to Wall Street, but honestly, we live in a capitalist society. (Hiss, boo from Sanders supporters)


Bernie Sanders: Is racial profiling okay? WELL THE ECONOMY IS BAD BECAUSE OF WALL STREET AND NAFTA AND THE ILLS OF CAPITALISM. We need to tax $1.65 a week on the middle class to stabilize the economy.

Me: I hope after her DECADES of competency and hard work to pave the way for women, people at some point in time recognize that she is legitimately accomplished in her field and should definitely win this election and that most of the hatred spewed in her direction is a result of the sexist image of her that has been crafted since she entered the political scene, before Bill’s presidency.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I started out this year as a Sanders fan. I like his rhetoric. But honestly, his main points are all moot in this congress. His Domestic Policies sound idealistic at best and naive at worst. He hasn’t DONE anything I can find that proves he could hold the role of president better than Hillary. He talks pretty, and he talks correctly to the youths. He makes promises he will never be able to keep. He hates wall street, and dubiously perpetuates the Glass-Steagall myth, knowing that the average voter isn’t going to fact check; they’ll just rely on what they learned in 2009 and what’s been inflated as a major cause of the 2008 crisis over and over incorrectly. I believe Sanders has no malice, but I also don’t believe Sanders can do anything he promises, and I think he knows this. He literally said he just wanted to re-create Occupy as his version of economic policy (“I’ll get the people to stand up and say ‘Enough is Enough!’”—-> cool but, we did that tho.)

I am pretty infuriated because although Hillary has not been the best ally to the groups Sanders is excellent at pandering to, she seems to me to be the better candidate. Voting for idealism in a less-than-ideal political climate seems like a zealot’s choice, not the one of people who are trying to see change happen (in this case, change being the executive branch acting as a barrier to a certifiably insane congress). Once we get over that barrier, I’d love to have Berndog’s idealism combine with Hillary’s competency and considerable clout to see some domestic policy changes. But honestly, I’ll say it; If Hillary Clinton were not a woman who deviated from gender norms, she’d have been president by now.


btw: I voted for President Obama twice, and I don’t regret it. He faced/faces the exact same problems any incoming democratic candidate would. But can we learn from his presidency, which accomplished a lot and was criticized by democrats and reps alike, and not elect diet Obama, aka Bernie?? srsly. I know this will likely incur the wrath of so many Sanders supporters so whatever, get your kicks out by voting for him, set us up to live out the political version of the myth of Sisyphus; but I will not take back the claim that sexism is playing a huge role in Clinton coverage, and by not directly addressing this (and by letting members of his campaign staff perpetuate it infinitely), he is just as responsible and frankly hugely deceptive/hypocritical. Hillary Clinton has earned my vote, and Sanders has earned my lost vote.

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