Holy crap has it been good. Slow to start for me, what with me being spoiled by American tv’s failure to use gradual exposition.

Just started season 2. It’s interesting how complex they made Spector’s character. I know that often sociopaths appear “normal” and have families, etc, but actually seeing that depiction has been interesting. It’s not that I am excusing anything horrid he does, but seeing the context of him and his entire family is really interesting.

Gillian Anderson, of course, is fucking amazing. I love her from the X-Files, so I knew she would do well here. Never saw 50 Shades of Grey, but I understand Dorman’s casting in it better now. He does manipulative sociopath while looking like a decent fellow really well.

I am waiting to find out that the killer’s “type” is because his mother was a professional lady with dark hair who put him up for adoption and he’s unable to deal with it. I am hoping this is not the reason, because it would be stupidly reductive and predictable.

ETA: Holy fuck Rose’s child. How does she not know stranger danger?!??!??!!?