...not with laughter, the show is cute at best but hardly hysterical. But the three siblings at the center of the show, with their fighting and banter underscored by love and uniting to keep each others secrets, are making me sad that I don't have a sibling.

I usually think I was glad to be an only, since I am pretty high-strung and also uh, well, have rather expensive taste. I like getting what I want and I certainly got MORE of what I wanted as an only.

But sometimes I see siblings on TV and I get sad. It would've been nice to have a partner in crime, or someone else in the back seat on long car rides. And unlike other my human interaction needs that aren't being met like a long-term BFF (I am part of friend groups with lots of girls, and I have other friends, but just...I'm no one's #1 and I don't have any friends from my hometown anymore, not really) or a boyfriend, it's something I can't ever have. I can't go back an paste an older sister in to my memories, ya know?

I also irrationally worry about my wedding (see above, no boyfriend) and not having a maid of honor. Because even if I had no good BFFs, a sister is like a built in maid of honor, ya know?



I think I'm probably sad about stress and job applications and other stuff but for some reason it's all coming out on this lack-of-sibling topic.


Do any other lonely onlies feel this way sometimes?