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Watching The Trump Press Conference Gordon Humphrey Is Right Trump Has A "Sick Pyche"

Anyone who watched the press conference Trump had the only feeling I got was Vordon Humphrey who was on CNN earlier was correct Trump has a sick psyche. You do not have to be a therapist to know something is not right mentally with him. Humphrey was long time Senator of NH was republican now independent.

Trump thanked Putin for expelling our diplomats saying it saved us on payroll.

Trump said he as doing the military a favor for banning Trans People.

Trump said his words may not have been tough enough on North Korea.

Trump fails to grasp Guam is part of the US. He lumped the threat against them with the threat against Japan, US or South Korea.


The six minute CNN interview with Humphrey.

The 20 minute Trump news conference. Thanking Putin is at 2 minute mark. Its jaw dropping.

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